Maintain Healthy Hair Growth and Hair Thickness

Ingredients in Nutrafol Hair Growth Supplements formula address existing hair loss and thinning, and also serve as a preventative and anti-aging regimen to maintain healthy hair growth and thickness. Nutrafol can be used alone or in conjunction with other treatments like hair transplant and PRP.

The standardized, clinically tested, bio-optimized, botanical nutraceutical ingredients in Nutrafol help:

  • Balance/lower cortisol and other stress hormones
  • Repair and prevent inflammation and oxidative stress
  • Rebalance damaging hair hormones like DHT
  • Improve circulation and blood flow
  • Provide necessary nutritional building blocks for hair production

About Nutrafol Hair Growth Supplements

  • A whole new approach to healthy hair growth. 100% drug-free, natural ingredients are clinically shown to improve thinning hair and overall health.
  • Endorsed by 1100+ physicians and top stylists nationwide.
  • Excellent as a preventative for those with early signs of hair health changes, or if you just want to have thicker, fuller, healthier hair.

What Results Should You Expect?

Many patients report seeing increased hair growth and decreased shedding and improved thickness in as little as two months, but everyone is different. Nutrafol is a program, and like any beauty routine, the more consistent and committed you are over time, the better your results will be.

If you take Nutrafol Hair Growth Supplements for 6 months, here’s a snapshot of what you’re likely to experience:

  • Stage One
    Less shedding. As hair follicles begin to be nourished, you’ll notice less hair on your pillowcase, in your brush, and drain.
  • Stage Two
    A noticeable increase in healthy hair. You’ll notice that the quality of your hair has changed. It just feels healthier than before. Many users report overall positive benefits to their skin as well.
  • Stage Three (6 months and beyond)
    Your hair has now become stronger and more vibrant. It feels thicker and more robust. Thinning and breakage continue to decline and you are excited by what you see in the mirror.

How does Nutrafol Hair Growth Supplements work?

Nutrafol’s clinically tested botanical ingredient takes a four-stage approach to jumpstart your healthy hair growth cycle from the inside out:

  • Synergistically target all potential triggering factors of hair thinning.
  • Break the ongoing cascade that disrupts hair growth, cycling, and signaling.
  • Remove the follicle from the state of DNAD, recalibrate its signaling, and optimize its environment—empowering it to heal.
  • Stimulate the growth cycle and provide the building blocks for healthy hair once the balance is established.

Will Nutrafol Grow Unwanted Hair on Other Parts of my Body?

No, and here’s why. Research shows that high levels of the hormone DHT can shrink scalp follicles in both men and women. But for face and body hair follicles, the reverse is actually true where DHT positively signals growth. Saw Palmetto, one of Nutrafol’s key ingredients, has been shown to reduce DHT activity. Meaning that the only hair you’ll be regenerating is where it belongs – on your scalp.

How is Nutrafol different Than Other Supplements?

Nutrafol nutraceutical ingredients are clinically shown to improve hair growth and it also has been shown to have many other positive effects below the hairline including reduced feelings of stress and fatigue, improved sleep, circulation, blood flow, blood glucose levels, decreased sugar cravings, boosted the immune system and healthier libido.

The latest hair research reveals that hair thinning is due to an accumulation of causes—stress (elevated cortisol), hormones (DHT), oxidative damage, as well as the natural processes of aging. Achieving healthier hair requires that you address these underlying causes on a consistent, ongoing basis. Nutrafol uses specifically selected botanical nutraceutical ingredients with potent and unique properties. These nutraceuticals are bio-optimized and clinically tested for efficacy against these causes.

Vitamins and minerals like biotin and zinc, as well as marine collagen (protein), are important for maintaining healthy hair because they provide necessary nourishment and serve as coenzymes in the mechanics of hair production. However, on their own, they’re simply not enough.

Think of it like watering a plant in sick soil. It doesn’t matter how much you water it if the roots are in an unhealthy environment. Same with a follicle – if you don’t address the underlying causes at the root, the follicle is unlikely to absorb and use the nourishment. So before you provide the nutrients, you need to address the health of the environment with botanical nutraceuticals.